It has never seemed quite fair to me that artists are expected to write about their work while writers are never expected to draw. This more primary form of self expression is precisely what I, as an artist, instigate others to do, writers among them. Portraiture, which was my earliest interest in art, attracted me as a way to make something tangible out of my daily human interactions.
Since then, I have made an about face to portraiture and the artist’s conventional role by asking everyone I meet to be my iconographer. My earlier figurative fantasies have been transformed, conversely, by the fantastic figurings I have already collected from close to fifteen hundred randomly chosen individuals. These I now reference much as I would my previous sketch books. I am more interested in how people see than in how they look. I want to make likenesses of our time rather than of individual faces, even though facial expressions can be quite remarkable when I make my unusual request.

Make a Story Board

Will you make me a storyboard? No one needs to be able to understand what comes out, not even you! Any line or shape off the top of your head in the window with the soft corners will do nicely. Put a found image, if you like. Any word or text you can quote or make up belongs in the lower box. The circle is for an age; and, while your own is preferred, verity is optional as are your signature and address. You will find my whereabouts below. So, if you want, please mail me a piece of your mind. Thank you for your time and thoughts.